What you can't take on a plane – Travel advice

What you can't take on a plane - Travel advice

So today I wanted to talk about stuff you can’t take on a plane. Some of them does everybody know like from the liquids. But other tips like from the battery’s may look new to you.


I searched around and made a list of the most general stuff. if you aren’t sure about something in this list, place a comment bellow and I will help you further 😉




Hello guy’s, I’m Voylin and this is my channel! Here I make video’s for helping people to learn Japanese while I am studying it myself. But I also make video’s about my life and adventures ^o^

I’m just a simple Belgium guy, learning Japanese for a special someone in preparation to move to Japan.

Life’s an adventure, with endless possibility’s when you stop making excuses. ^o^



32 thoughts on “What you can't take on a plane – Travel advice

  1. Eve E says:

    Can I take pencils on a UK flight? Or can I put them in my luggage in the hold of the plane? Need an answer asap plz, thanks

  2. Thecar Guy says:

    Hello sir I have a flight within a week from now. I need your response ASAP !

    So the question is: Can I bring 6 packs of SILICA GEL in a plane.

    Because I'm quite worried because the TSA might confiscate it and those packs are use for my headphones. I baby them by the way. And I don't want to by another six packs.


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