Which airline has the BEST food?

Which airline has the BEST food?

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Airplane food is generally nothing to get excited about, but there are a few airlines out there who do it better than others.

Which airline has the best food? In this video, I look back at well over 1 million miles flown (and all the airline meals I’ve had to endure) and pick my 5 favorite.

Some you might expect. But others? You might just think I’m crazy…


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33 thoughts on “Which airline has the BEST food?

  1. Aldwin Joseph Tabasa says:

    The best airline food I had was with Cathay Pacific. I flew economy class on the DXB-HKG sector on October 2013. I had the best meal in my life and their cabin crew was great! I asked for a glass of their best wine. Unfortunately, that wasn't available so I asked for the 2nd best, which was Sauvignon. Their food was great and their crew was super pleasant even I was bugging her so much. Haha! If only I can fly with Cathay again!

  2. Steve Chapman says:

    My favorite airline food memory is the dessert cart on American Airlines business class. Scoops of ice cream, chocolate syrup, candies on top, or meat and cheese slices w crackers. Yum!

  3. iTripReport says:

    Scott I can’t wait to see you back in the air! I miss seeing you’re trip reports, although I do love seeing these different vids for sure. Either way! Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Franklin Loo says:

    Hi Scott…..
    From your list of Top 5…..i strike 2 that is bcoz I boarded them. Airasia and Turkish Airline. Very good inflight meal. 😊😊😊😊😊
    My best meal…..
    1. Singapore Airlines – Economy
    2. KLM – Biz Class
    3. Turkish – Economy
    4. Airasia – Low Cost Economy
    5. Oman Air – Economy

  5. Hana Chan says:

    I cant believe my country's low cost carrier in-house catering win ur heart and I guessed the number 2 is gonna be Jet Blue Mint or Singapore Airlines. XD If u are coming to Malaysis again once thr pandemic is over u should visit Mid Valley shopping mall in Petaling Jaya,Selangor since AirAsia opened a restaurant just to serve their in flight meal XD

  6. Small World says:

    I like your videos and content, but what doesn’t help me is going to Facebook. I don’t do Facebook, so I wish you would include all of your favorites or not favorites. A little annoying.

  7. Romana Kulikova says:

    Awesome video! You're such a great aviation youtuber and you have such a great channel! Can you do a video about airline models (GeminiJets, NG Models, Phoenix, Panda etc.), if you have any can you show them in one of your videos? Thanks!

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