World's best Business Class: Qatar Airways Qsuite A350 from Frankfurt to Doha (AMAZING!)

World's best Business Class: Qatar Airways Qsuite A350 from Frankfurt to Doha (AMAZING!)

Join me on this PHENOMENAL flight in Qatar Airways’ Qsuite onboard an Airbus A350-1000 from Frankfurt to Doha. The Qsuite is the carrier’s flagship Business Class product.

Read a review of this flight on my travel blog:

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25 thoughts on “World's best Business Class: Qatar Airways Qsuite A350 from Frankfurt to Doha (AMAZING!)

  1. Sangeeth P.S says:

    quatar has a very comfortable qsuite everybody must try flying in business or first class i flew from paris to quatar it was a very comfortable journey thank you quatar for the lovley flight …

  2. Tサトル says:

    I felt like I was on a trip. Thank you for the wonderful images and polite comments. Qatar Airways is the airline I want to ride

  3. Dan McGuire says:

    What a glorious wat to end the work week, enjoying one of your videos. So cleanly presented, well defined no crazy 'whipped' in/out scenes, good overall presentation and you get to experience all of the amenities. Well done, have enjoyed your work for years!


    Qatar Airways is my favorite airline among other international airlines. This is actually my dream airline and I am also hoping that I could work for Qatar Airways someday! This channel and all of his videos about different airline experiences, especially Qatar Airways experiences makes me love this airline more! The luxurious experience that Qatar Airways can give to its passengers is unbeatable! So thank you sir for these kind of videos! Continue doing more! Your videos gives us your subscribers an amazing sneak peek of what we could experience on different airlines and hotels as well!

  5. escandinavia says:

    Sir, when someone goes into an airport lounge like this one shown here, do you have to pay for the food you eat? thanks.

  6. اalhkeem says:

    طيران فاشل وادارة فاشله وتدعون الاسلام يا كلاب وتبيبعون المسكر في ارض قطر وعلى طيرانها من جد حكومه فاسدة والله لا يحب المفسدين .

  7. SlimShady says:

    brought back lots of memories when I worked for Qatar Airways as cabin crew, missing those ambient lights….who is watching during the pandemic?😂😂

  8. daisyswimmer says:

    You are the best videographer of luxury travel. I subbed! I travel vicariously thru your channel. I love how you show the menu, then show what you ordered and you label it so I know what I'm seeing. I watched another channel where the guy kept complaining about everything and grinning into the camera for several seconds, admiring his own face, I guess? You, Sir, are hands down the best at this.

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