World's best low cost-long haul airline|Norwegian Air|London to Singapore|Premium Economy, B787-9

World's best low cost-long haul airline|Norwegian Air|London to Singapore|Premium Economy, B787-9

This is my review of Norwegian Air’s Premium Economy class on my flight from London to Singapore.
Norwegian offer a premium cabin on their long haul flights. This is not a business class product, however it is comfortable enough and comes with some benefits which make it worth trying.
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43 thoughts on “World's best low cost-long haul airline|Norwegian Air|London to Singapore|Premium Economy, B787-9

  1. Roman Kr says:

    “It was very turbulent for about 4 hours” ..this remind by flying in winter 777-300ER from Europe to Asia..hate those kind of night flights full of bumps 😀 especially when you wanna relax or go to toilet ;D

  2. 4vndd says:

    Very nice video!! And hat's off to this airline..for their premier economy class prices and on board products and services..they controlled costs to the company..and yet delighted the customer.. American carriers could learn something from airlines like these..where first class hand out a wicker basket of unhealthy chips and pretzels..and two or three Banana's!!! Unbelievable..( am saying this through personal experience..and videos one had seen..yes three hour flight..but a low cost carrier like this puts them in the shade).. anyways.. thanks for sharing!!

  3. KartongFace says:

    On a older version of the 787 onboard entertainment I was able to get to some wierd 3D map app, not the same as the other one. Like I bypassed something. I also saw a navigation bar same design as the older HTC phones.

  4. AirFlight Travels says:

    Very nice video, I will try Norwegian soon from ATH to JFK, thinking to book PE on the way back. IFE was for free? Cause in economy you pay for movies…


    World's Best Low Cost Airline for 5 years in a row;
    Europe's Best Low Cost Airline for 6 years in a row! 👏

  6. Jon Mack says:

    Flew Norwegian, RT Orlando,-Gatwick-Stockholm. Flew PE both ways, it was great, plane was great. The only drawback I saw was a very noisy cabin, was kinda hard to sleep. Bring noise canceling headphones.

  7. مبيد الحشرات الضارة says:

    Norwegian is an awesome flight company, cheap, very comfortable, good services. I strongly recommend it. In addition, i think that they have the best price-quality rapport!!

  8. Karl Swindon says:

    I think this route has now been discontinued by Norwegian which is a shame. It's good to have low cost airlines flying long haul as they put pressure on the expensive airlines…

  9. Jens Voltersvik says:

    Still – unfortunately no more Norwegian- flights LGW – SIN v v after mid of JAN'19(?). Too much of competion made this eminent low fare airline a looser. A defeat this airline did NOT deserve.

  10. dpm1982 says:

    I was at KMCO in September 2018 and every time I looked over at Airside 4 there were two rednosed 787s, along with a couple BA and VS heavies. It was very entertaining.

  11. Rob MIAMI says:

    I liked your video
    I'm a big fan of Norwegian
    I've flown them three times but I'm going to fact-check you on the aircraft type and registration number

  12. Rob MIAMI says:

    are you sure this is a 787 – 9? the yellow outline of the cockpit escape hatch indicates it's a – 8
    the dash nines hatch's monochromatic and you cannot see it

  13. JOE GMY says:

    Best low cost airline? The meal looks very very poor, everything served on plastic dishes (much worse than in normal economy class on any other regular carrier), and for drinks you have to pay extra – that's ridiculous for a 'premium economy class'. And apart from that BA (British Airways) is more or less the same price from LON to SIN (BA: GBP 625, DY: GBP 679, 22. NOV – BA even cheaper here than DY !!!) in 'World Traveller Plus' (premium) but provides a much better product.
    So, what does 'LOW COST' actually mean here? It means LOW COST for the airline, but no LOW COST for the passenger. And that's just bullshit.

  14. Protocol Officer says:

    Yet another excellent, fully comprehensive trip report! I have seen other Norwegian reports and it appears this is the airline for the economy traveller. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Colin.

  15. Robert Mansfield says:

    I enjoyed your video. Norwegian certainly have increased there destinations from LGW and I am sure there will be more new routes in the future.

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