WORLD'S CLEAREST WATER? Greece Paxos & Antipaxos Islands | Med Experience Day 3 & 4

WORLD'S CLEAREST WATER? Greece Paxos & Antipaxos Islands | Med Experience Day 3 & 4

The best beaches in the Greek Islands? Clearest water in the world? Paxos & Antipaxos in Greece are definitely THE most… ⬇ More Below ✈ Our 220 page guide on how to travel non-stop —

There might be 6,000 Greek islands, but Paxos and Anitpaxos islands are world renowned as having some of the best beaches and the clearest water. There’s likely lots of beaches and islands, let alone Greek Islands, that make those kind of claims though so when we jumped on our Med Experience Sail Greece trip we were keen to see for ourselves.

We spent a few days sailing around Paxos island and Antipaxos island, including some in the next vlog as well, and can definitely confirm one thing — they are home to THE clearest water we’ve seen anywhere in the world. Previously that title was held for the Phillippines or Samoa, but these little Greek island paradises have taken the lead.

In terms of the best beaches, that’s a trickier one – because we were sailing we often didnt go onto the beach. From what we saw though, would have to say the water is better than the beaches themselves. Still beautiful, but not in our top 3.

Either way – getting to Paxos Island and Antipaxos island needs to be on your to do list! We can highly recommend Med Experience and the Sail Greece trip we took if it fits your style, we loved it!

This is video 2, covering days 3 & 4 on our cruise, there will be 3 vlogs total so keep an eye on our Greece 2019 playlist for their release here:

— Disclaimer: This was a partnership with Med Experience. Our opinions, content and experiences are genuine and real…. as always.

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39 thoughts on “WORLD'S CLEAREST WATER? Greece Paxos & Antipaxos Islands | Med Experience Day 3 & 4

  1. Evangelo says:

    Probably you have to visit also Chrisi island 🌴 in the south side of Crete . I was there yesterday 7/10/20 , warm water , white sand , the same clean water like on your video and temperature was 36 Celsius. Amazing 😉!!!!!

  2. massabeeste says:

    Been to Corfu, Paxos and Anti Paxos twice in 7years and it really is the clearest water I've ever seen. Also the Greek food is so good. I would go back in a heartbeat.

  3. - Dating and Social Networking says:

    Emerald Bay, Antipaxos has the clearest water I've ever seen. I dropped my sunglasses overboard and we could see them on the bottom, a good friend did manage to retrieve them. Lots of wasps in the bay though when we were eating lunch. Fabulously beautiful.

  4. norge351 says:

    So funny when u say it's something about the Greek way of life,we walk slow ,talk slow haha…good that u liked the freddo cappuccino 👌keep up the good work u do.

  5. fluffyfour says:

    Love how you keep the background music to a minimum. Thank you. So many vloggers go there and cover the sounds of the crickets, the water and the daily life with inane music one could listen to anywhere and any time. A refreshing and welcome change. It's a long time since I've heard greek crickets and I love the sound so much.

  6. Viktoria Redei says:

    We were on Lefkada 2 months ago, I think it was even more beautiful… I just call Greece the 50 shades of blue 💙💙💙

  7. Starbats says:

    I’m really enjoying to see you on my country. Greece is a paradise on earth and everyone is here welcome. There are so many places that they are not discovered and this is the magic. Greetings from Athens. We are waiting for you again 🙂 🇬🇷

  8. Giovanni Komis says:

    Beautiful islands, but there are some most amazing places with much better sites and waters and not so popular maybe, like kythira for example. Think out of a commercial box.. 😉

  9. Georgios Georgiou says:

    Just returned from Kefalonia and all I can say is Ionian Islands definitely deserve more attention! Great video my friend and greetings from Greece 😊

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