Accommodation in Cape Town

Accommodation in Cape Town

Accommodation in Cape Town

At the southern point of Africa rests a city between the majestic Table Mountain and the sometimes angry Atlantic Ocean. Diaz called it the “Cape of Storms” and it is still as moody and mysterious as 500 years ago.

Even though Cape Town is very cosmopolitan and modern it hasn’t lost that touch of mystery and elegance it had, in the days when the Castle of Good Hope was frequented by well dressed men and women arriving in their elegant carriages for a night of dancing at the governor’s ball.

Searching for accommodation in Cape Town

Searching for accommodation in Cape Town should be done with care and you might have difficulty to find something. Not because there isn’t enough accommodation in Cape Town or there is nothing available, but because you will find it hard to choose.

Accommodation is ample in the Mother City, as Cape Town is referred to by the locals. The problem is to decide from exactly where you want to start exploring the beauty this city has to offer.

These are a few tips to steer you in the right direction.

  • Decide if you need the magic of staying right in the city where everything is happening or if you would rather have some peace and quiet after your long day.
  • The next thing you should think about is if you want a great view or if you are, in any case, not going to spend that much time at your accommodation that view doesn’t really matter.
  • If you want a view there are many choices. It can be a wonderful ocean view with the best sunsets you can dream of or you can feast your eyes on the age old mountain that no one ever tires off, regardless of how many times you’ve seen it. You can also choose if you want to stay higher up on the mountain or closer to the beach.
  • Then there are the trendy places for the young and those in search of adventure. You might not always have the views, but you will share with other like-minded people and you will be close to all the night clubs, exotic restaurants and action right in the heart of the city.
  • Some of the best kept secrets might be a few kilometers outside the city, but that is where the views and the luxury are.
  • Luxury or budget accommodation in Cape Town would be the next option you want to consider. Since Sol Kerzner opened the newest One &Only in Cape Town, luxury has been redefined.
  • The last and, unfortunately, the most important decision about accommodation is the money. You budget will decide for you. Luckily there are many hidden gems where you can nearly have everything your heart desires without getting bankrupt in the process.

Visiting Cape Town is like sipping a very old red wine. You have to taste it little bit by little bit and savor all the flavors. You will pray that you never reach the bottom of the glass. Memories will last forever as the Cape of Storms never lets go of you.

Source by Werner Wichmann