Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town

Find Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town

Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town from R549

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Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town

Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town
Cape Town

Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town from R549 are available from Mango, Kulula, Flysafair, South African Airways and British Airways. We give you Cheap Flights by comparing these airlines.

Not only do we offer flights on this route, but also cheap flights to Durban and cheap flights to Johannesburg and other domestic destinations. Comparing all the major airlines and low cost carriers allows us to make sure you receive a full list of airlines to choose from. These will include British Airways, South African Airways and Mango Airlines just to name a few.

Find Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town and Things To Do


Cape Town is one of South Africa’s top tourist destinations and welcomes millions of visitors each year. Whether you’re looking to  find cheap flights Johannesburg to Cape Town for business or pleasure, we’ve compiled a list of attractions to see below:

Table Mountain

Possibly one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. It offers a majestic view of the mother city that is not to be missed. You will climb to the top in a cable car which in itself is a wonderful experience. For the adventurer, you can climb the Platteklip Gorge, which will take around hours.

Clifton Beach

Experience the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean at its best with a trip to Clifton Beach. There are four individual beaches to choose from, with Clifton 4 being the most popular.

Robben Island

The home of Nelson Mandela during apartheid. This World Heritage Site is a must-see for anyone interested in the life of Nelson Mandela and the evolution of democracy in South Africa.

Boulders Beach

This gorgeous penguin exhibit is sure to put everyone in a good mood. It is located near the town of Simon and shows the splendor of African penguins in their protected environment.

Hout Bay

Surrounded by ocean, mountains and wine farms, the old fishing village offers country affair with some adventure.

Two Oceans Aquarium

This aquarium is a wonderful way to view the splendor of the African Ocean that surrounds the South African coast. You’ll see exhibits ranging from small, almost fantastic Knysna seahorses to large jagged-tooth sharks, the aquarium holds amazing finds around every corner.
Waterfront – for anyone this is a must see. A lively waterfront development with restaurants, shops and more. You can take in the ocean air while sitting down sipping cocktails in one of the bars or having a bite to eat.

Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town

Book flights Johannesburg to Cape Town to fully experience what Cape Town has to offer.

Useful Information On The Pickup and Go Area for Flights from JNB to CPT

  1. You are allowed 30 minutes in the pick up and go area, thereafter, a fee is applicable;
  2. The pick up-and go location is intended solely for that particular function, definitely not for parking;
  3. Find out the correct landing period of the individual you’re going to be collecting;
  4. Understand how to reach ground level pick-up location: it is your very first parking area when you enter into the airport terminal also, the access point will be 2nd boom to your left, simply conform to the plainly labelled signage;
  5. Do a research of just how to reach the terminus if you are planning to meet up with the traveller inside the terminus: make your way via the foyer, turn right and then the access to the terminal is straight ahead of you;
  6. Car parking is distinctly labeled along with the pillars seperating the bays;
  7. Find out about the arrival time of the flights Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Some Useful Numbers To Note At Cape Town International Airport

  1. Call center – 021 937 1200
  2. Security control room – 021 937 1288
  3. South African Police Services – 021 927 2900
  4. Parking management in Katanga – 021 936 3612
  5. City side telephone assistance – 021 935 3737

Cape Town

Cape Town

Cape Town

Where Do You Find Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town?

We have scanned over 5 million flights to Cape Town and found the Cheap flights Johannesburg to Cape Town  during the year. Kulula, FlySafair & Mango frequently offer the best deals on flights from Cape Town. Some of the more popular searches on this route include; flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town, cheap flights from Durban to Cape Town and flights Johannesburg to Cape Town. Depending on demand, flights to Cape Town are available from as low as R599.00.

So, where do you begin to find flights Johannesburg to Cape Town?

Many people will walk for hours between travel agents trying to find cheap flights Johannesburg to Cape Town, while others will stay on the phone for hours.

You are now able to do all the hard work here with just one click. Not only do we save you hours of precious time but we also save you money and the best part is you can do it from the comfort of your own home or office. 

In fact, you will probably save enough on your flights by booking with us to make up for part of your vacation. Our flight reservation system is an industry leader because, once you enter your search requirements, a list of the cheapest flights is presented to you in an instant. 

The hardest part for you is choosing the flight you want, as that seem to be the difficult choice always.

Which Airlines Landing At Cape Town International Airport – CPT?

Cape Town International Airport (CPT) is located fairly close to the city center and is officially the second largest airport in South Africa after O.R. Tambo International.

The Airport was recently upgraded in 2010 and is now a world class airport that experiences significant local and tourist traffic during the year.

With its increased capacity, the Airport is now able to accommodate Cheap flights Johannesburg to Cape Town and other cities in South Africa.

Kulula cheap flights Johannesburg to Cape Town seem to be the most popular, while Mango Cheap flights to Cape Town come second.

Some of the more popular domestic destinations include Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and George. The most common domestic airlines that offer them are Mango Airlines, Kulula and now FlySafair.

Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town
Cape Town

What is the stormy season in Cape Town?

The rainiest months in Cape Town are May to August, and Johannesburg gets the greater part of its downpour in summer.

Which is the greatest month to visit Cape Town?

The best times to visit Cape Town are from March to May and from September to November. These shoulder seasons gloat a lucky climate, fewer groups, and lower costs.

CPT Airport

The air terminal highlights innovative handling, security that surpasses global principles, top-notch obligation free shopping, various quick easygoing feasting cafés, and every one of the customary conveniences like cell phone booths and forex trade outlets that you’d expect as a voyager.

Different Sights

A portion of the sights you shouldn’t miss while your visit to Cape Town is Table Mountain National Park, Camps Bay, Chapman’s Peak Drive, its seashores in both Atlantic and the Indian Ocean with flawless and blue water, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Sea Point, City Bowl, Hout Bay, among others.

Terminals and vehicle enlist organizations

Cape Town Airport has one focal terminal structure. It interfaces the north and south terminals, which recently housed worldwide and homegrown appearances and flights independently. Resulting in the significant remodels, these two terminals were associated through the focal terminal.


Cape Town International Airport has a homegrown terminal and a worldwide terminal associated with a focal terminal.

Trips at CPT Airport

As of now, 29 homegrown and global carriers land and take off from Cape Town Airport. A significantly more sweeping runway is under development to oblige the mammoth multi-seat and – story aeroplanes that are currently progressively being dispatched and utilized for air traveller travel. Normally, air traffic and the number of aircraft at this ethereal centre point will increment considerably once this new runway is authoritatively proclaimed openly.


Search departures from all carriers at Cape town International Airport. Switch between times, dates and number of stops to observe a flight that suits you best.
Flights appointments
Book trips continuously on our site and gets your e-ticket messaged to you. Pay through Mastercard or bank move utilizing our safe instalment door.

Stopping at the Airport

There is adequate every minute of every day stopping at Cape Town International Airport

Cape Town Weather

What sort of weather conditions does Cape Town have?

Cape Town has a Mediterranean-style environment: wet and cool winters, dry and warm summers. The yearly typical temperature in Cape Town is a wonderful 17 degrees.

Find Cape Town

Coordinated on a projection between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, with the famous Table Mountain as its view, Cape Town lies at the southernmost tip of Africa. Known as South Africa’s ‘Mom City’. It is adored for being one of the world’s most wonderful metropolitan locales and the social spot point of South Africa with various show hallways, fine diners, top of the line lodgings and grandstands.

Experience Cape Town 

Cape Town is arranged at Africa’s southern tip, where it is flanked by the Indian and Atlantic oceans. Past its swimming beaches, the city is eminent for Table Mountain, objections of true interest, and contrastingly impacted articulations and social scenes.

Day to day plan in Cape Town 

Table Mountain

As the foundation of Cape Town, Table Mountain is the most prominent achievement in South Africa. Table Mountain is incredible for adventurers to go up the mountain and, for non-climbers, the Aerial Cableway will take you up. Table Mountain moreover gives shocking entryways to those with an ability for photography.

Robben Island

Robben Island is where the past president and nonconformist, Nelson Mandela, was confined for quite a while. The island is a picture of political open door and means that the way to South African vote based framework. Today welcomes journeys through this achievement so the two travelers and neighborhood individuals can learn about the verifiable setting of South Africa and worth the people who prepared to the country’s democratic government.


With more than 450 retail outlets and being the most renowned shopping center in South Africa, the V&A Waterfront will without a doubt have what you’re looking for. Whether you’re an anxious client looking for a gorge, a sharp window client or basically going on a helpful trip to the retail plaza, the Waterfront has everything.

Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town.
Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town

What air terminal do you land at out travelling to Cape Town from Johannesburg?

Cape Town International Airport is the air terminal you will fly into if you book Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town. You shouldn’t encounter trouble finding outings to Cape Town from Johannesburg; the air terminal handles an ordinary of 9 inbound takeoffs from Johannesburg every day. You should similarly have plenty of transporter decisions to investigate since 7 aeroplanes have excursions to the Cape Town air terminal from Johannesburg. It is only a 9,0 km adventure from Cape Town (GRJ) to Cape Town’s midtown region.

Which transporters work for Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town and license COVID-19 versatile undoings?

A part of the carriers working for takeoff Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town that may be offering versatile annulment techniques is FlySafair, Kulula, and Airlink. Our site will permit you to channel for all transporters offering more significant versatility on account of COVID-19.

Is it possible to find takeoffs Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town under R900?

To be sure, there are different takeoffs Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town for under R100. The most economical flight booked is on FlySafair for just R32, notwithstanding, on typical, you can expect to pay R1 100.

Might I anytime track down any constant takeoffs Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town for under R1000?

Flightmateza helps you with tracking down more than 25 constant takeoffs Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town under R1000. A respectable expense for a relentless Cheap Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town is under R1 200.

Are there to some degree late flights open Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town for under R1 200?

At this point, there are more than 25 takeoff Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town inside the accompanying two or three days which cost under R1 200.

How normal is Johannesburg to Cape Town flight way?

In the earlier month, 30 260 clients have searched for takeoffs Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

What are the most economical aeroplanes flying Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

FlySafair R10 advancement flights were seen as the most affordable transporter Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Another aeroplane making a trip to your goal would be Airlink. You could have the choice to fly Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town for 70%, not by and large the ordinary expense of searching for these aeroplanes.

What are the most affordable transporters to fly Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town one-way?

For one-way decisions, investigate costs for FlySafair. According to our data, you can fly for as low as R500. Clients have also found costs from R600 and R700 on Airlink and Kulula, separately.

What is the most renowned aeroplane that flies Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

Airlink, Comair and FlySafair are the most notable aeroplane while flying Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

What are the most economical takeoff Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

On typical, you can expect to pay R1 100 for Cheap Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town. The most economical flight, all around, is R650 while the most notable course is at present assessed at R1 040.

What are the most trustworthy aeroplane Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

The highest trustworthy aeroplane while flying Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town are Airlink, FlySafair and Pro-flight Zambia.

How long are the Cheap Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

Constant takeoffs Flight Johannesburg to Cape Town last barely short of 2 hours. Trips with visits can take significantly longer – wherever someplace in the scope of 3 and 27 hours.

Which transporters work for takeoffs Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

Looking for a direct flight? Endeavor South African Airways,, Mango Airlines or Safari. Indirect flights combine various carriers, including British Airways and SA Airlink.

How ordinary are trips between Johannesburg and Cape Town?

Nearly around 7 flights travel between Johannesburg and Cape Town day today. Need more choices? Check out at trips with visits. Which air terminals serve Johannesburg and Cape Town? Most Johannesburg to Cape Town flights takes off from O. R. Tambo International Airport, AKA Johannesburg Airport. Several flights pull out from Lanseria International Airport. All flights land at Cape Town Airport.

Which direct flight course between Johannesburg and Cape Town is the most affordable?

The most economical takeoffs Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town are ordinarily the quick courses by South African Airways. Cape Town is a South African city that fills in as a stage for maybe the best drive in South Africa – the Garden Route. Battered headlands and sandy beaches cut the coast, defended by marine stores and animal stacked recreational areas. Look inland, and you’ll spy ostrich farms and old timberlands. Simply attempt to see Cape Town before setting the city in your back view reflect. Moedergemeente Church and Cape Town Museum are exceptional for their infusion of culture. Then, there’s the Garden Route Botanical Garden, where nearby plants sprout against a rough background. Not certain where to begin? Use our wise web searcher to find a choice of unassuming takeoff Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

What are the best ways of getting to the air terminals in Johannesburg and Cape Town?

You can go out to Cape Town from Johannesburg effectively, with takeoffs from Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport (JNB) offering nonstop help. These flights can show up at their target of Cape Town Airport in only one hour and 55 minutes. There are extra flights that leave from Johannesburg Lanseria Airport (HLA), notwithstanding, these are less ceaseless and require over six hours and 35 minutes. Getting to air terminals in Johannesburg is basic, with JNB being a short distance away through the Airport Shuttle and HLA being a to some degree longer journey by taxi. Exactly when you appear at GRJ Airport, you will in like manner be close to the point of convergence of Cape Town, with a taxi being the fastest decision.

Which aeroplane flies directly Flights Johannesburg to Cape Town?

You can go on a relentless outing between Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport (JNB) and Cape Town Airport with a couple of aeroplanes, making this a supportive course to fly. For instance, you could fly from JNB to CPT with FlySafair, which has a total outing time of something like two hours. You could similarly choose to fly with Kulula, which has a take-off to score time of about one hour and 55 minutes. Comair is one more transporter that works the course to Cape Town from Johannesburg, similarly in one hour and 55 minutes. There is a wide assurance of flights worked by these transporters, so more likely than not, you will notice one which matches your arrangement. While direct flights are the fastest strategy for flying, you could notice it is more affordable to fly from JNB to GRJ expecting you to choose an excursion with one trade.

What are the visit decisions between Johannesburg to Cape Town?

Should the direct flights not be suitable, then, at that point, there is similarly an extent of meandering courses which might be more useful for you. Airlink works the course to Cape Town from Johannesburg in close to three hours and 55 minutes. This requires one-stop, which is often at Cape Town International Airport (CPT). Airlink moreover does a two-stop course, which flies utilizing Bloemfontein worldwide (BFN) and CTP, which expects something like six hours and 45 minutes. You can moreover fly by suggestion with British Airways, which expects close to six hours and 30 minutes and stops at both Durban King Shaka International Airport (DUR) and CPT. One-stop flights might be more affordable than direct courses, which can help accept you are going on a cautious spending plan.

Do I believe a recognizable proof or visa should fly Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town?

South African occupants are not supposed to have a visa when they travel locally. Regardless, a public character report of the driver’s grant is required.

Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa Weather

Vivified Province of the Western Cape weather conditions map showing multi-day gauge and current weather patterns. Overlay downpour, snow, cloud, wind and temperature.